D e s i g n
We Specialize In
-Custom home & building design-
-Project managment-
Our House Design™ has over 30 years experience at its
core. Firmly established in custom construction design &
build management.

To arrive at such success, a set of core business values
provide guidance, in present and future projects &
partnerships, those core values include:
- "Customer Service - "we put the 'custom'… in customer"
- "Top Standards - expecting high quality outcomes from
ourselves and our business partners"
- " Perfect Design & Build - To design and create the most
comfortable, functional and visually stunning living, working
and/or recreation environment
- " Value - to personally detail each aspect of our business,
our clients and our core values together to provide the best
of each in Customer Service, Top Quality & Standards and
Perfect Design

OHD™ handles a dynamic array of projects including, but
not limited to residential, recreational and commercial
design and build management. Our House Design™ has an
extensive catalogue of BCIN approved designs with free
preliminary project estimates. Our exceptional design
line-up is perfectly complimented by our complete
pre-packaged services to help manage your new design.
We use and support a number of materials and experts in
our projects in order to develop an absolutely 'custom'er
satisfied project.

Our House Design takes great pride in the quality of work we
do and the standards to which all of our projects, products
and services are held. Over the course of 30yrs OHD™ has
been able to develop an outstanding portfolio of highly
satisfied clients. Please don't take our word for it…take a
look and see for yourself. Browse the Site
and see project concepts, completed and in progress, as
well as testimonials from our many happy 'custom'ers

With that we are eager, under the permission of clients to
showcase their quality, fine design & build projects